About Me

My name is Christie, I am a stay-at-home mommy from Florida to my four children; ages: 13,12,5 and 4; two of which are special needs children. The youngest is our only girl. I am also called "Wifey" by my hubby John whose hard work and intelligence, makes it possible for me to stay home with the children.

I started this blog a few years ago so I could have a voice in which I felt I have lost not being in the workforce around other adults on a daily basis. I am a talker which is hard to do when your children could care less about my daily feelings so out of a way not to go clinically insane talking to myself, this blog was born.

I love being a mom. I feel it is my destiny as a human being. Though I always knew I would be a mom, I never dreamed that I would be blessed to have four children of my very own. Because I feel that every child is a blessing and a gift from God, I feel very honored God picked my husband and I to be these amazing kids' parents. It isn't easy having four children and some days I wonder if I was the right mom for the job...but some how we make it through it, at times with a little less hair than the night before...but we make it.

Fun Facts About Me:
  • I love and still love hair bands.
  • I am the best procrastinator I have ever met.
  • I despise doing laundry and dishes, yet with 6 in our family...I curse them both multiple times daily.
  • I was a band geek in high school.
  • I met my husband on the internet.

I am thankful that you decided to read my blog and look forward to your comments!


My Kiddlets!

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