Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Easy Peasy Weekly Recipe #9

It's Wednesday!

Time for this week's installment of Christie's Easy Peasy Weekly Recipes!

 Easy Peasy Clam Chowder


  1. Bear Bear Creek Country Kitchens Clam Chowder Soup Mix (It is in a bag)
  2. 6.5 oz can of clams
  3. 7 1/2 cups of water


In a pot bring 7 1/2  cups of water to a rolling boil. Whisk soup mix in. Fold in one can of clams (DO NOT DRAIN!) Reduce heat to medium and simmer uncovered for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Salt and pepper to taste.

For a great seafood chowder:
Add any variety of shrimp, crab, scallops, or other seafood. Salmon or halibut also make a great fish chowder.

For variety:
Instead of clams, add ham, chicken, sausage, corn, broccoli or asparagus.
I did two bags of the mix *doubled it* because of my family of 6 and I wanted 2 meals out of it. I followed the beginning instructions but after I whisked in the mix and folded in the clams, I put our soup in the crock pot. I added some celery, some cubed potatoes and a small bag of frozen broccoli florets. I put it on low and let it go for about 4 hours. After my Uncle Jeff's Clam Chowder (He and my Aunt Jodie own a restaurant named Me & McGee in Higganum, CT ...none other can compete) this was the best clam chowder I have ever tasted!

Wah-lah! Your done!

If you have a recipe you'd like to share comment below.

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