Friday, January 11, 2013

Etsy Friday Favorites #3

Here are this week's picks!
Apparel: I have been on the hunt for an outfit for Maili to wear for her birthday party coming up. So...of course the first place I turn to is Etsy. Love to support my fellow SAHM(s.) I came across this outfit and pleasantly to my surprise, she is local to me which is Jacksonville, FL.
...this is soooooo cute you can visit her Facebook page HERE! UPDATE: I JUST FELL IN ABSOLUTE LOVE LOVE LOVE WITH THIS OUTFIT! (Short sleeve though, it's Florida YO! I like this one even more than the one above 
Accessory: I found this necklace that would match the above outfit... and this hair bow would go perfectly as well.
For the Home: If you want a bunting/garland to use to decorate your little girl's party or even her room, I found something soo pretty and chic you will not resist. Never have I seen paper flowers used in this manner and it looks so gorgeous.
Let me know what you think and please consider purchasing these and other handmade items at Etsy!!!!


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