Thursday, January 17, 2013

Maili Moo is 5!

Today my Sweetie-Pie Baby Maili Elizabeth turned 5 years old.
 I cannot believe 5 years have gone by sooooo quickly.

I am so very blessed that God entrusted me to be this little girl's momma. She has made my life so much more complete. Praise the Lord I have another female in my home, I may have gone completely wacko with all these males! I love our Mommy and Me times. Painting nails, picking out clothes, playing dolls and brushing each other’s hair. She calls me “Hot Momma” when I put make-up on which makes me giggle and I absolutely adore when she signs to me every time I leave her at school “I love you” her little hand is so so cute. Even when she is being Sassy Maili I cannot help but laugh. She is my big helper around the house and I pray that lasts through her teenage years, because she is such a great helper. She loves it when I call her “Ms. Hollywood” when she wears her blinged out sunglasses, she tells me “Mommy you so cute” after I do.  I love that she loves all things pink and after having her 3 older brothers I am sooo very happy to supply her with pink things. My husband and I crack up at the contents of her little brush, sunglasses, lip gloss and of course her Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars.
 Happy Birthday to my Ms. Hollywood Maili Moo! Mommy loves you!!!
So very blessed for sure!!!! 

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