Thursday, July 12, 2012


I was reading a blog that I read pretty regularly and there was a GREAT post by Jen with the tittle: "Parents: Stop Ignoring Your Kids’ Cell Phone Use" It talked about how we so closely watch what our children are doing on the computers in our home yet we open the internet to our children on cell phones without honestly knowing how much can be transmitted to them that way. It urges us parents to stop being complacent and to take action. I GREAT READ, I highly suggest you take the time. It included also this poster chart that shocked the living Bah-Jesus out of me!!!!!! I think that poster itself needs to be passed on to every parent!!!!!

I have to admit, I have yet to allow any of my children to have a cell phone or a Facebook account. My reasoning for not yet getting any of my children a cell phone is one, affordability... but mostly because I am a stay-at-home mom and when they are not at school or with trusted family or friends that have cell phones, they are with me. So why the need at this point?. The reason I have not allowed for a Facebook account for them as of yet is simple...they are not emotionally mature enough to deal with all that entails having one. So, I have told my children at the age of 14 if we feel they are mature enough we will revisit the idea. They have come to understand and accept it so far. I have been told I am too overly protective when it comes to this subject, but I have to say...I am pretty dang proud of myself for not giving in at this point. They are my children and I plan on doing all I can to keep them safe while they are living under my roof and that includes cyber-safe. I am the mom, not a friend....and that is my job in life.

I would love to hear your opinions on the matter!


Gwen Parker said...

Our kids have phones. I have the internet blocked so that means they also cant send or receive pics. hahaha! I'm mean like that I suppose. I also will pick up their phone at anytime and read their messages. Their facebook as well. I have the passwords and if they change them they let me know.

MariaSelf said...

Christie, I think as a parent you know and feel what's best for your children... if you feel like it's better for them to stay away from the social media as for now - that's most likely the right option!!! thank you for the wonderful thoughtful post!