Monday, July 30, 2012


We are in the mist of updating our home. Nothing too major, new-to-us furniture, repainting walls and making each kids room age appropriate now that the kids are older.

This past weekend we decided to finally give our 4 year old daughter the paint color she has been begging for. It has been almost a year since the first time she asked for being she is my only daughter I was so excited to finally give it to her...PINK IT IS!!!!!
My Daughter Maili wearing her favorite color PINK!
Her pink room now!

I have been having back issues for almost 2 months now and nothing seems to help. Because they are not consistent, the nurse at the doctors office doesn't seem to be alarmed and just told me to use over-the-counter medications. Well, of course today I am paying for the paint job...big time!!! My back hurts so badly! I am not one to complain about my ailments, because well...I don't usually have the time with 4 kiddlets. BUT, today...Oh, I'm in pain!!!!!

Is the pain worth it? My daughter's reaction when I finished painting last night was priceless and well worth the pain today. Last night she walked into her room and started jumping up and down saying "Wow Mommy...thank you Mommy... I big girl now!" over and over again. So happy to make her happy, now I'm just praying for relief for my achy ouchy back!


Eschelle said...

omg I can't wait to do this for my boys, we're moving into a three bedroom after us being in a two bedroom for way way too long!! I can't wait to add personality to each! I love the pink, I had to paint a stage set in high school pepto pink once and I LOVED it. I also lived in a place once with a pink wall, purple wall, blue wall, and green wall lol!!

popping in and following via the monday mingle!!

Christie said...

I'm super excited because her bedding, drapes and accessories are all polka dotted. Pinks, greens, aquas, purples and blues. It is starting to come together. I just need one more coat of paint and we can start moving her back into her room again. She even is getting out of her "baby" toddler bed and is getting a queen sized bed. She's sure going to be princess-like in that