Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Unorganized Procrastinator

I was anyone else like me? I have dedicated my life to my children and home by leaving the workforce pretty close to 12 years now, yet I have still not figured out how to be a proper organizer and I find myself waiting until the last minute to prepare for things. I should be better at this by now right? I think I have used every chore chart/ home organizing chart template that is available on Microsoft Office...but, I still find a way to procrastinate printing or even checking the charts.

Now as I enter into a new phase of being a stay-at-home mom...the one that includes ALL my children being full-time students, I am freaking a bit. I did once think I would immediately start to do things for myself, like work out regularly and/or go back to school to earn a college degree of some sort....Well, now I think I need to get this house in order first.... I will have 5 hours a day to myself, there will be no excuses for piled up laundry or the toilet not being sparkling white. I'm REALLY going to have to figure something out to help aid me in keeping on track of things.

My question to all my readers is: What do you use to help you stay on task with things in your home?

I would love it if you could share...Who knows? One of you may make this habitually unorganized procrastinator change so she isn't so wacky all the time.


Monica said...

The fact that you print charts is amazing to me!! Organization is definitely what I struggle with most.

Gwen Parker said...

I'm big on charts, lists and calendars. Almost obsessive at times. lol