Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Please... The umbilical cord was cut 4 1/2 YEARS ago!!

I am talking about my daughter Maili.

Oh my goodness she is a Momma's girl. She is attached to my hip constantly and barely lets me have a minute to myself. I have even woken up in the middle of the night with her laying next-to or on-top of me in bed. She is a helper in nature and likes to help me with EVERYTHING and because she has what I like to call "Sassy Stubbornness" she likes things her way and if I don't say, fold the clothes like she likes them...she refolds them her way. So ultimately I am forced to wait for her naptime or bedtime to redo the folding back to the way I had them so there isn't a complete meltdown.

I honestly LOVE how she wants to be with me, don't get me wrong...after being a mom to only boys for so long...Maili's girlyness is such a welcomed thing...But sometimes I wish I had some breathe time.

I wonder...do any of you have "Mommy's helpers?"

How did/do you handle it without going totally insane with a child who is attached to you constantly?

What are some detachment techniques you used when you need a break?


Esther V. said...

What an adorable little girl! It's really important to let your daughter continue being your helper, but let her start making more of her own decisions (with your guidance and encouragement, of course). Once she starts to realize she can do this on her own, she won't be as attached to you and will become much more independent.

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Maricel S. said...

Oh Christie! I am right there with ya! I have my wonderful youngest child, our 6 year old Maliyah-Jade that is so attached, she tries to literally burrow her head in between her daddy and I when we show any kind of physical connection; hugging, and even sitting next to each other. He grabbed my hand to hold it and seconds later, she appeared and tried to squeeze her hand in between ours. She carries around a blanket that, thank goodness, she has learned to not to take it places for fear of it being left behind or losing it. She has it when she sleeps and for comfort. Leelee has sleep issues and hasn't grown out of them yet so she ends up in our bed once or twice a week. One night I woke up and Hubs was in her spot on our floor bc she (and I) took over lol. Because she is our last little one and I have been a SAHM for so many years, it was always her and I! Plus, everyone knows...the youngest child usually gets spoiled more than the rest, even though we try to treat everyone equal, each child has a special place and that special quirk that makes them who they are! I say embrace it while it last! Leelee is a very shy child and when she is around ANYONE she doesn't know, she is extra clingy! She has slowly come out of her shell but still stays away when ppl she doesn't know comes around! I don't what it is but maybe it is a "comfort" thing! They know that "Mama always makes it better and Mama knows how to make me feel comfortable and safe!" I give her a big hug and love on her a little and she goes on her way! (but returns a few minutes later to repeat again) OI VEY!! :/

Jessica said...

My girl is becoming the same way. She is only 2 but she is constantly at my side,leaving very little time to just do my thing. She doesn't like me putting her clothes in her drawers, she must do it, which usually turns into a pile of clothes rather than a nice stack of them. I'm hoping that someday she will just learn to do it her way but not protest when things may get done my way!

Cassie {two-in-diapers.blogspot.com} said...

When is her birthday? My little girl is 4 1/2 - born February 2008! I found you via the Mom's Mingle and am happy to be your newest follower! I'd love a visit back at http://www.two-in-diapers.blogspot.com! :)

Christie said...

Cassie...she was born Jan. 17th!

Cassie {two-in-diapers.blogspot.com} said...

Awesome! My girl was born february 18! :)

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MariaSelf said...

Christie, your story makes my heart melt.... I know it might not be right that she wants to be with you all the time, but this story still got me jealous and willing to have kids!;-) She is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Melissa : ) said...

My daughter is the same way!!! She's only 2, but is still like a permanent shadow to me... and if she's not, she's surely doing something naughty in the next room : ) Stopped by from the mommy brain mixer and am leaving a follower. Would love if you came over to Figuring it out as we Grow and followed me back!