Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday's Treats

A friend of mine who has a blog at A Little Unhinged turned me on to doing this Tuesday's Treats Blog Hop hosted by Spot of Tea.

I am now to post something (anything!) "A Treat" that I am currently lusting after or loving...so here goes.....

My Treat:
It is Coastal Chic Decor. My Grandmother just recently bought us a new bedroom furniture set for our master bedroom that has really got my decorating juices flowing. I went to an antique store with my mother and came up on a corner of the store that was decorated in beautiful aquas, turquoises and whites. I immediately felt almost like the stress of life was lifted off my shoulders. I right away told my mother, this HAS TO BE what we do with our bedroom. So... ever since then I have fallen in love with all the possibilities of having a gorgeous Coastal Chic bedroom. Here are some examples:

Slowly but surely we are collecting, daydreaming and picking out things for our new master bedroom. I cannot wait for it to be finished.

What are you loving/ lusting after?

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