Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Miracle Jason

This past Saturday was my oldest child's 13th birthday party. It bogs my mind to know that I now am a mother to a teenage son. I guess with having younger children as well, I don't think I should be old enough to have a teenager yet, but this is what happens when you have a baby in your early 20's.

He was born two months premature on the 4th of July back in 1999 the day before my 22nd birthday. It was and always will be the best birthday gift I have ever received... being called Mommy for the first time in my life. He was so tiny, weighing only 4 lbs 5 ozs and 18 inches long. I remember seeing his little face and wondering how I was going to care for such a little guy. His little face was gorgeous and when I looked at his little hands, saw the little wrinkles on his palms and tiny finger nails I was in awe of God's divine creation. John and I were sooooo in love with our little man and very much in shock we were picked for his parents.

As years have gone on we have had numerous trips to the ER, PICU stays and many visits to specialists which only strengthened our feeling that Jason is such a blessing to our lives. When you are put into the position of having to save your own child from death, then seeing that lifeless body be raised up again because you or your husband gave him CPR (which happened 4-5 times for us)... the only thing you can do is praise God for giving life.

Now, 13 years later... as I now have a handsome teenage boy as a son and I am still in awe of God's divine creation. Even though he now may have a bit of a sassy mouth and occasionally expresses his discontent with our parenting...all in all he is our Miracle Angel Baby. There was a time that I wondered if we would ever make it through yet another medical diagnosis or doctor's visit for Jason so during his birthday party Saturday that I was sitting in a recliner looking at my son chatting with family members and I told God "Thank you." It has been a very challenging, amazing, fun, scary and loving 13 years with having the honor of raising our son. I am very blessed that I have a terrific husband who never once wavered on the belief that God made Jason perfect, no matter what the doctors and school people have told us.

As he now has entered into a new journey of life, being a teenager which is learning how to be a good man...I now pray that we do our job to equip him. We want him to be knowledgeable, to be fascinated with life, to be a kind and good hearted man, to help others with no judgement, to follow his heart and to find the love of a lifelong committed partner. And most of all to love, trust, honor and obey God. Though both John and I probably would love to get in bed and cover our eyes with our blanket... we are though very excited to see Jason turn into a man and look forward to seeing all that God has in store for his life.


Gwen Parker said...

He is a handsome lil man and has the two best parents in the world. xoxo

Diana Denis said...

Oh Christie, this touched my heart! I'm visiting through Social Mavens blog hop and I am so glad I did!

I bet the Lord has so much more in store for you and your handsome Jason. Happy Birthday to him. You survived week one of having a teenage son. The rest is easy. :) I have 3 teenage daughters and each day I realize more and more that as long God is on my side all I can do is pray more and worry less.